Advent Opportunities

Be sure to carve out some time for yourself in preparation for Christmas. Here are some opportunities!

The Grace of Zoom is that our geography no longer circumscribes our community connections! Here are a few ways for you to nurture yourself in the days leading up to Christmas! Jump in on one or more!

Weekdays, your own timing..

A Daily Advent Retreat with Light of Christ and Fr. Teri Harroun

Over the years, Fr. Teri Harroun, poet laureate and pastor of Light of Christ ECC in Colorado, has developed beautiful, creative daily retreats for her community and for others looking for some peace and interiority in Advent. Her following now includes folks in 18 states and two other countries! If you are looking for a journey that includes daily reading, reflection, and more, this is the perfect experience to jump into! Write Fr. Teri at and she will add you to the distribution. Each day, you’ll receive a variety of options to spur your thinking, and will reflect back to the group at week’s end.

Tuesday at 6 p.m.

More Light this Advent!!! with Pastor Trish
Let’s dial in and light our Advent Wreaths together each week! Join Trish at 6 p.m. at her kitchen table for a short reading, a verse or two of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and the lighting of our family’s Advent wreath. Simple and sweet, Vanni family style. Just ten minutes before dinner to bless our week together and add a little light to the world! Dial in on the Charis Mass link or check our Facebook page where we will be live streaming. If you don’t have candles or a holder, let Trish know. We will share votives and votive holders. Or just bring a single candle to your table! What ever is easy and works for you!

Sundays, 7 CT

A Retreat for those Who Have Time for a Retreat! with Brother Claudio Peter Veitch, OSB
Brother Peter brings Benedictine spirituality, a one-day-at-a-time perspective, agreat love and humor to everthing he does. Dial in on his Zoom call for a weekly retreat time with people from his community, Mary Magdalene ECC Church in Rochester, NY. Co-led by d youth minister and seminarian Lauren Urzetta will be leading an Advent retreat on zoom, Starts this Sunday. The group will reflect on Anselm Grün, OSB’s ‘A Time of Fulfillment’ and ‘Your Light Gives Us Hope’ which can be purchased on Amazon. Join Zoom Meeting here:…  Meeting ID: 872 8227 7335 Passcode: 308015

Advent Prayer
To you Lord, we lift up our heads, hearts and hands in prayer.
We put our trust in you, believing that your word is true.
We lift up to you our longing for hope in a despairing world.
We lift up to you our need for hope in a time of deep hopelessness in our world.
We lift up to you our deep desire for hope   in a bleak and sometimes depressing world.

You promised hope to Israelites and you kept your promise.
You promised hope in the coming of your son and he was hope for the world.
You promised hope to the early church and that hope was not denied.
You promise hope to us and we pray for your continued faithfulness.
Lord, we pray for strength when our faith falters.
We pray for you to pour on your love so it fills our lives
and splashes over on everyone around you.
Fill us with confidence in your presence in our lives.
Fill us with your joy and peace as we go through this busy time of year.

Keep our minds focused on you,   our hearts filled with you and ours outstretched for you.

— Rev. Abi, on her Long and Winding Road blog.

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