2020 ECC Synod

We are grateful to our Presiding Bishop, Keynote presenters and Forum facilitators who will focus our time together on the treasures and gifts of our Communion that make our hearts sing, our hopes soar and our souls shout out! 

Each day will begin at 9:00am PDT/(12:00pm EDT) and end at 5:00pm PDT/(8:00pm EDT). All events will take place on the Zoom platform, log in information and links will be provided to all registrants. Proceedings for each event every day will be recorded and the recordings made available to all registrants, so no worries when you’re interested in two or all of the Forums offered in the same time block, you can attend one live and view the others at your leisure.

The two registration options, Charis will be doing the group option of $250.00, which is intended to provide the opportunity for large numbers of members to attend and experience Synod who might not otherwise have been able to attend in person because of finances, travel, work & other time commitments, etc.      

We have as many virtual “seats” as we want and it is a fantastic way to experience what we are about in a sense that is broader than Charis. Click here to reserve your seat as a representative of Charis!  Visitors are also welcome. If you’ve been watching us and would like to experience what this totally inclusive, democratic part of the Catholic landscape is all about, please by all means sign up! I will be giving one of the sessions, and Dale O’Brien and I will both be helping with the prayer.